"Thank you for being such a great help to us in locating a cheaper insurance for our car. We are so grateful and we have signed up with a company that "
- Pat James
"Just wanted you to know that your service is much appreciated. I may not necessarily change insurance brokers, but I do like the comparison factor, so"
- Dil Mann


We understand how hard you work to build your home and acquire your possessions. Towards this end, we offer you a range of comprehensive and flexible insurance coverage like auto, life, business, travel, mortgage, disability, liability, and bonds. For the best package to suit you and your family needs, always count on Walia Insurance. Serving Since 1981


Secure your future with us, because your life and possessions are priceless…

Auto Insurance
At Walia Insurance we can handle all your vehicle needs. From cars to truck fleets, taxis to trailers, or motorcycles to boats.
Life Insurance
Walia Insurance Services offers a wide range of health insurance solutions designed for individuals, families and businesses.
Home Insurance
Your house is your most cherished possession and your largest asset. Your home insurance safeguards your most cherished belongings: your home, your personal effects and even your financial future.
Commercial Insurance
At Walia Insurance we concentrate on providing our customers with only the best. As a result we only deal with the best.
Mortgage Insurance
One of the most important steps in purchasing your Home or Condo is Property Insurance. Just as important is purchasing a solid Mortgage Insurance Policy .
Travel Insurance
We provide all kinds of travel insurance, Take your adventure to the edge. Our claims are managed by professional available 24 hours each
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